Reghealth Scientific Journal

 On behalf of the Scientific committee we are pleased to announce  the journal Sustainable Regional Health Systems.

Primary objective of the journal is to facilitate experience exchange and mutual learning in the field of Comprehensive Health Systems in the countries of EMSRHS students and alumni. We also aim at creating and supporting the network of EMSRHS students to help with their professional development and promote beneficial collaboration. It is an excellent opportunity to report on the results of your study and share your findings with fellow researches. The journal is open for publications of any researcher dedicated to the topic of health systems development, which will stimulate knowledge exchange and integration of students into the scientific community.

The journal will be disseminated among fellow students and professors in partner universities, as well as among students in another health related Erasmus Mundus programs. We are also planning to disseminate the Journal in countries where students come from.

The topics of the Journal are:

• Country Profile (overview of healthcare system in your home country, its historical context, major strengths and problems);

• Healthcare Finance and Management;

• Comparative Health Policy;

• Health Promotion and Social Capital;

• ICT in Health (e-Health, EPR etc.);

• Health clusters and the embedment of health systems on the socio-economic context;

• Socio-demographic changes and their impact on health systems.

Information for authors:

Requirements for the article:

• Maximum length 4500 words;

• Referencing: APA-style;

• The article must have the following paragraphs: Summary or Abstract (1 page), Background, Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusions.


The article will be reviewed by two experts identified by the scientific committee. The reviewer’s comments and suggestions will be sent back to the authors in order to fulfill them. Once the article is accepted by the academic committee, an agreement should be signed with the editing committee.


Contact information:

Articles as well as your questions should be sent to the journal coordinator:

Polina Putrik, mailto:


On behalf of the Scientific committee,

Prof. Agustin Ozamiz and Polina Putrik