1st semestre courses

1st semester - University of Deusto

Macro level.

  • Workshop "Comparative challenges",   5 ECTS.
This is an intensive introduction workshop which aims to place regional health systems development in a holistic human context and take account also of cultural and practical local operative contexts for health systems development. It consists of presentations by professors from all the universities of the consortium as well as invited speakers from administrative bodies and private enterprises, discussions in groups and development of a written project.

Core modules

  • Module 1. Entrepreneurial mindsets, 10 ECTS
This core module will deal with health system management and planning on macro level, aiming to provide student with knowledge of strategic management and planning, health economy and health policies, as well as comparison of health systems in different regions of the world. Also aims to explore the evolution of challenges for health systems and discuss the topics of ageing populations, medical technology, rising public expectations and demands, as well as challenges presented by new illnesses. The vision of the Cohesive Health Systems is presented, describing types of health care and health systems. Students will be introduced to a systems approach to theory and practice of health entrepreneurship and public policy, theory & practice of entrepreneurship, understanding of corporation and the enterprise culture in the field of health care and promotion.
  • Module 2. Managing sustainability, 10 ECTS
Special course is dedicated to the management of sustainability, introducing students to the theories about sustainability, such as diffusion of innovations (compatible, risk minimal, flexible, reversible, efficient), organizational change (embedded in socio economic environment), capacity building (problem-solving skills and structures with perspective) and ecological thinking (cycling of resources, interdependence, adaptation and succession). The module will cover the topics of value frameworks, integrated regional development, social capital and health, building capacity, corporate social responsibility, managing mixed health and health economics.
  • Module 3. Critical skills set, 5 ECTS
This is a practical course aimed to train students' skills of critical evidence appraisal, strategic planning and business planning. The course will consist of practical exercises, interactive tasks and trainings. Special focus will be put on the various leadership styles and characteristics: personality, communication abilities and interpersonal relations. The leadership in context of networks and organisations will be discusses and practised in order to develop management skills in the field of public health management and strategic planning. Another aspect of the module is focused on the efficiency of social programmes for the management of health services.