4th Project work

4th semester at any of the four universities

Research project

For the last semester students can choose among any of the universities they have already visited in order to develop and to present their research project that will provide the last 30 ECTS of the Master.This semester will also include a seminar on thesis preparation and development of final thesis under the supervision of two professors from the consortium. The thesis should be based on empirical data collected by the student throughout the course.  The topic of the research project should be defined by the end of the 3rd semester and the data should be collected during the first half of the 4th semester. Short internship period at administrative or health service institutions, as well as in private or public enterprises will take place in order to obtain direct data related to this country/regions. Final research project should include the compassion of 4 regions/countries in the field related to health systems, and prove student's ability to analyse, synthesise and compare the obtained information. The creative approach to the research project will be highly valued. The final thesis should include conclusions about strong and weak point of health systems that could be practically implemented in the region of origin of the student in question. At the end of the programme students should have sufficient skills and attitudes in order to plan and manage areas in regional health systems.